EcoAid Timeline

EcoAid has been around the world doing ….

April 2007

• Nicaragua

o Nicaragua was the inspiration for EcoAid… as the soon to be EcoAid partners were looking at a 10,000 acre parcel of rainforest for sale on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua to build an EcoResort. That’s when it was discovered that the Carbon that is sequestered from the 10,000 acres is worth more than the lumber that is produced. That’s when it was they realized that you can preserve the forest and make a profit, Capitalism for Environmentalism at its Best.

• Studying…. The Carbon Market, Considering the Carbon Market is an Emerging Unregulated Voluntary Carbon Market there is not one place to learn about this industry as it is currently being unfolded by companies that are on the edge of innovation.

Over the next year…

• They did market research for one year before deciding to penetrate the market.

• After studying for one year, the founders came up with the name Human Hugger and they hired MMA as their advertising agency. The first move MMA made was to ditch the name and an even better logo. EcoAid was born. 

May 2008

• San Diego

o EcoAid went to Carbon Training for 2 days at the CCAR (California Climate Action Registry)

July 2008

• Houston

o Went to a 2-day Point Carbon training session on the Carbon Market.

August 2008

• Lebanon

o EcoAid’s first opportunity for Project Development – 20,000 acres of cedar trees needed to be replanted. They met with several politicians. Today the project is still being worked on as some projects take 5-7 years to be developed.

o Met with: (for reforestation project in Lebanon)

• Minister of environment

• Minister of agriculture

• Parliament committee for environment

• United Nations Environmental and Energy Program Manager

September 2008

• EcoAid retains Baker and McKenzie lawfirm. This is the world’s most elite law firm for the carbon market regulated and unregulated – international and national.

• Canada

o Went to a 2 day Point Carbon Training session on Project Development.

October 2008

• EcoAid hooks up with ASU students from the School of Sustainability to begin a Rrass Roots Recruiting Campaign for a concept called EcoAid Now on CampusStudent Executive flies to Chicago for Point Carbon Training.

• EcoAid approaches 2 PhD’s to become partners in the “EcoAid Adventure”:

o Dr. Ken Pollock

 Dr. Ken Pollock, EcoAid’s Chief Executive Officer, sets the strategy, vision and direction for the company. He ensures that the strategic and operational plans and policies of EcoAid are being carried out consistently and that EcoAid’s organizational performance is at the highest and most efficient level possible.

Ken has over 30 years of experience in data processing and information technology. He has worked in both consulting and management roles for universities and private-sector industries. Ken served as Vice President of Information Technology at Wright State University and earlier at Arizona State University. In that role, he managed all of the university’s technology services. An educator himself, Ken was a Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering for the University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Ken is also a community activist. He is a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) as well as a mentor for children through the Arizona Quest for Kids Organization. In addition, Ken currently works as a volunteer with the Phoenix Police Department. When there is time for leisure, Ken enjoys photography, videography, and magic.

o Dr. Skip Pollock

 Dr. Skip Pollock is responsible for the training branch of EcoAid. Her role is to develop, organize and manage a training and development program that incorporates the latest scientific research and business practices in this fast-growing field of Green Industry. The training program is aimed at the continuing education of staff, customers, and involved stakeholders.

Skip received her PhD in psychology from the University of Miami, Florida, and has over 25 years of experience in various aspects of psychology, including teaching, management training, and organizational consultation. Skip has served as a Professor of Psychology at Mesa Community College, Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology, and Miami-Dade Community College. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and she spent over 20 years in clinical practice.

Skip serves as an Arizona Statewide Trainer for the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program. She also teaches T’ai Chi at Mesa Community College, which is one of her passions. When all is quiet she loves to bury herself in a good old-fashioned “who-done-it” mystery.

November 2008

• Team building efforts are successful both PhD’s and 4 students committed to helping launch EcoAid

• San Francisco

o EcoAid flies out a team of 5 to a 2-day Point Carbon training session on the Carbon Market

December 2008

• EcoAid’s website goes live in December 2008!!

• EcoAid joins Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and makes first purchase of Carbon Credits.

o About CCX:

 CCX is a financial institution whose objectives are to apply financial innovation and incentives to advance social, environmental and economic goals through the following platforms.

 Chicago Climate Exchange is North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.

• EcoAid has now established itself as Arizona’s first Carbon Trading firm and to this day is the only one in this state.

• They made their first transaction –Tempe based, European food importer, Salem’s Foods goes Carbon Neutral through EcoAid. Salem’s Foods was the first Carbon Neutral company in Arizona!!!

January 2009

• EcoAid Now on Campus is formed at Arizona State University. This is an official ASU club that promotes Sustainability.

o The main goals of EcoAid on Campus are to:

 Provide students the opportunity to gain experience in the emerging green industry.

 Help students build their resumes by giving them the opportunity to participate in projects with other EcoAid on Campus clubs at other campuses.

 Serve as a “central hub” for students to meet and advocate for sustainability.

 Educate and empower students with a knowledge base of how sustainability will change the way the world conducts business

o Although they are a young club, EcoAid had grown quickly. They have more than a hundred members representing four universities. Along with ASU, they have a presence at DePaul University, University of Illinois in Chicago, and Vanguard University. Based on word of mouth, they are expanding to other campuses. They are reaching out to you to invite you to work together with them. Their goal is to form an international bond that will unite student organizations across the globe.

o They made their first presence on campus at Sustainability Day by setting up a booth and creating awareness.

February 2009

• The Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce is now Carbon Neutral through EcoAid – they did two weeks of due diligence before deciding to offset. This created awareness with all other chamber members. EcoAid then joined the Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce.

• Their student executives won a grant with EcoAid support to go to Washington DC for a climate change summate. “Power Shift Brings Young People to Washington to Lobby for Climate Action.” This was a great experience for the young and upcoming legislatures.

March 2009

• EcoAid joins Valley Forward – they are the longest standing environmental sustainability company in Arizona 40 years old.

• About Valley Forward

o Valley Forward’s membership roster is comprised of some of Arizona’s largest employers and some of its smallest, industrial and manufacturing sectors, municipalities and governmental agencies, educators, non-profit organizations and Valley citizens.

Through unique partnerships, Valley Forward has remained active in preserving the environment and livability of our Valley’s communities, serving as a forum for public discussion and action on these important issues.

• EcoAid brought on Brendan Cook as their Sustainability Director (insert Brendans bio here).

• EcoAid joins ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association).

• Mayor Phil Gordan and ASU’s President Michael Crow announced that they had wanted to make Phoenix the first Carbon Neutral city in the United States. This created a lot of attention and demand for EcoAid.

April 2009

• EcoAid wrapped a van and then went to ….

• EcoAid participates in Earth Day in downtown Phoenix .

• EcoAid participates in Earth Day at Scottsdale Farmer’s Market.

• EcoAid becomes a member of Local First.

May 2009

• EcoAid brings on Baron Bruno as Business Development Director

o As Business Development Director, Baron Bruno manages strategic sales, customer relationships, and product development for EcoAid. With over 16 years of professional sales, finance and consulting experience, Baron’s primary focus is to tailor, implement and execute collaborative business solutions for their clients. Baron previously worked as a bond trader, an institutional equity sales manager, commercial real estate agent and acquisitions director. Baron maintains a strong emphasis on customer service, teamwork, continuous learning and being held to the highest level of ethical and moral standards. They have nicknamed him their “GREEN Baron” for his energetic leadership and commitment to sustainability. Baron has a Finance degree from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Along with his analytic academic training, he is a Lee Strasburg trained actor who has done stand-up comedy and helped to produce and finance the feature film “Haiku Tunnel” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000. In addition to his philanthropic activities as a member of the Scottsdale Active 20/30 Club, Baron enjoys music festivals, wine tastings and writing.

• Discount Cab becomes Carbon Neutral on a portion of their fleet and wraps a couple Prius’s (insert pictures). Discount Cab takes steps in becoming one of the first Carbon Neutral Cab companies in the world.

June 2009

• Local First becomes Carbon Neutral through EcoAid.

• EcoAid joins the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS).

o About VCS:

 The VCS Program provides a robust, new global standard and program for approval of credible voluntary offsets.

VCS offsets must be real (have happened), additional (beyond business-as-usual activities), measurable, permanent (not temporarily displace emissions), independently verified and unique (not used more than once to offset emissions).

• EcoAid joins the Carbon Action Reserve (CAR).

o About CAR:

 The Climate Action Reserve is a national offsets program working to ensure integrity, transparency and financial value in the U.S. carbon market. It does this by establishing regulatory-quality standards for the development, quantification and verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction projects in North America; issuing carbon offset credits known as Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRT) generated from such projects; and tracking the transaction of credits over time in a transparent, publicly-accessible system. Adherence to the Reserve’s high standards ensures that emissions reductions associated with projects are real, permanent and additional, thereby instilling confidence in the environmental benefit, credibility and efficiency of the U.S. carbon market.

July 2009

• EcoAid signs deal with the PGA FrysOpen.Com!!

• Jenna Ptacek is brought on as Communications Director for EcoAid.

• EcoAid signs deal with MMA.

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