Slipping Through The Cracks

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
Baby, it’s cold outside … and if your house is feeling a bit drafty, your hard-earned money is flying out the window.
So grab some caulk and start sealing.
Sealing the cracks around outlets, windows, light switches and door frames can keep the cold out, the warm in and the [...]

Green For Those Locks

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
Listen up, ladies! Green is the new blonde. That’s right! Organic is in at the Green With Envy Hair Studio.
No more toxic chemicals to bring out the beauty in you. Green With Envy uses all-natural products in their clean-air salon. They’re the first salon in the Valley to [...]

Have A Green Christmas

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
Christmas can be expensive!
Aside from all the gifts, there’s the annual Griswald Family lighting ceremony.
If you wrap your house in lights, here are three letters that can save you green – L.E.D.
LED Christmas lights are so efficient, you can leave them on all season and they barely make [...]

Be A Hero With A Zero

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
Hey, guys! Going green is cool and chicks dig it too! Hop on the first motorcycle to go green.
Zero Motorcycles are fast, sexy and use (you guessed it) zero gas!
Now for the sexy part. With 62.5 pound-feet of torque, 22,000 watts of power and 31 horses – this [...]

Count the CFL Savings

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
So how much can you really save with energy efficient lighting? You can see for yourself with the new APS CFL Savings Calculator.
You’ll find the best type of CFL light bulb for each room and it adds up your savings as you go. Then you can print [...]

Cab Co. Goes Clean

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
What do you get when your business drives 27 hybrids and plants 10 trees per car every month?
You get Clean Air Cab – a local cab company that’s carbon negative. Meaning, they remove more carbon from the air then they put into it!
Clean Air Cab is also tech [...]

Monitor Your Use

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
Did you know you can save money with the click of a mouse?
APS customers can log on to the My Account page and find all sorts of tools to help save you money.
Sure you can view and pay your bill online … but they can also show you [...]

Keep Toys Going And Going

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
Want a simple way to save money when it comes to your kids? Switch to recycled batteries.
Even though the initial cost is higher, rechargeable batteries can be recharged a hundred times before they go bad. That means you get years of use – not weeks in your kids [...]

Heaters Need Attention Too

• Hear the report from the Green Queen.
It’s chilly at night … but the next few months are going to get even colder.
Now is the best time to get a winter heating check up. That’s right! You see the dentist for a routine checkup, get the oil changed in the car but neglect the biggest [...]

Shifting Back To Basics

Guest column by Diane Brossart, president of Valley Forward Association.
Organic food sales have doubled to $5.2 billion in the past four years and farmers markets are cropping up everywhere. In fact, the number of farmers markets is up more than 12-fold nationwide, from 340 in 1970 to over 4,300 in 2006. With the fall harvest [...]

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