Treasury gave thumbs down to ETS intensity-based scheme

Treasury told the Government not to adopt an intensity-based scheme for the allocation of free carbon credits to heavy emitters.

NZ might get its way, says business council head

New Zealand might get what it wants on forestry and land-use – providing an agreement comes out of the Copenhagen international climate change talks.

Countries suspicious of verification checks

The verification of carbon reduction is emerging as a sticking point between the United States and China.

NZ pours $45m into global research fund

New Zealand will put $45 million towards the Global Research Alliance on agriculture greenhouse gases over the next four years.

Copenhagen in crisis: Why it all comes down to China

China will shape whatever deal comes out of Copenhagen as the UN climate change conference heads into its final day.

Ban urges leaders to act as hours tick away

The outcome of climate change negotiations in Copenhagen hinges on the issues of emissions reductions and financing, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said yesterday.

UN shuts clean coal out of emissions trading

The clean-coal industry has been shut out of the global emissions trading scheme at the Copenhagen climate change talks, dealing a blow to the UK, US and Australia.

Big business puts case for global action

Global business leaders assembled at the Copenhagen summit have called for ambitious, global action on climate change.

If diplomacy fails, there is always the fantastic Plan B

Just five years ago, anyone who talked of easing Earth’s climate crisis by fertilising the seas with iron, scattering particles in the stratosphere to reflect sunlight or building a sunshade in space courted ridicule.

Most UK voters believe climate change is important

Three in four British voters believe world leaders are on an important mission at the climate change conference in Copenhagen, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll.

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