Green Christmas Decorating

By Aziza Usoof  –
Christmas festivities leave a heavy carbon footprint each year, which contributes to global warming. Global warming is threatening the world’s poorest nations, who contribute very little to global warming with disasters such as desertification and flooding. Green Christmas decorating can help in reducing your carbon footprint this Christmas. Green Christmas decorating [...]

He Delivers Christmas Trees for Rent

Read the full story in the New York Times.

Scott Martin delivers live, potted Christmas trees that are returned to the nursery once the season is over.

Going Green – Developing Eco-Friendly Architecture

By Crystal Ware –
One of the biggest buzzwords of 2008 and most likely continuing in 2009 is Sustainability. The Going Green movement is underway and has been branded as a means of protecting the environment and saving households money. From changing your light bulbs and taking your own bags to the supermarket to recycling [...]

Go Green in Your Small Business – Options For Printer Ink and Toner

By Leslie Cardinal –
Being green in the way you operate your business is a great goal. Even if you are a solopreneur running your business from a spare bedroom or from a corner of the family room, there are easy ways to be green.
Your printer ink or toner is one of the easiest places [...]

A Breakthrough in Green Technology

By Jane L Simpson -
In recent years, there has been growing debate about controlling carbon emissions, global warming and greenhouse gasses. While a global consensus will take time and effort, some European countries and U.S. leaders have promised to support new legislation designed to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide in [...]

Green Practices For a Green Business

By Michael Richmond –
As the environmental issues evolves, our depth of understanding should grow as well.  It might help to know that there are three distinct areas of Greening today.  Three primary elements are Green products, Green buildings, and green practices.  Each piece of this environmental puzzle has its value and makes a critical [...]

The Value of Green Business Certification

By Michael Richmond -
It is a reasonable assumption that earning a Green business certification has a basic cost.  The investment can be small or large depending on how many challenges a company may face in Green process.  It would be fair to put the Greening effort in a similar monetary comparison as buying a piece [...]

Going Green With Outdoor Solar Lights

By Phineas Duru -
So many people are thankfully becoming more and more aware of what it is to go green, especially with outdoor solar lights. Just a few short years ago, many people were skipping out on thinking about the planet and the future generations that will need to call it home. Now though, thanks [...]

Transitioning to Green Business

By Brad Swanson -
The biggest trend right now in business is going green- both a benefit to the environment and the budget, this trend is one that is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. This transition leaves many business owners a little stymied as to how to make the change without hurting their [...]

Going Green With the Latest Technology

By Tom Lasky –
In recent years popular culture has begun to embrace the going-green movement. While this movement was once a fringe cultural phenomenon, it is today quickly becoming mainstream in almost every segment of society. Grocery store chains and large retailers are now offering special discounts to people who bring reusable canvas bags, [...]

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