Sustainable Home Building – Your Choice For Going Green

By John Rault –
Sustainable home building features the conservation of resources to a large degree. In a finite environment using resources efficiently is the hallmark of a new method of building your home. Using recycled products is part of this process.
In building a home with a view to conserving energy, your house will be [...]

Green Home Building is Gaining Momentum

By Preston Sandlin –
Green homes are expected to make up to ten percent of new home construction over the next several years, according to a study done by McGraw-Hill Construction. Homeowners are interested in purchasing green homes because of the benefits they offer — from healthier indoor air to energy savings.
What are some of [...]

Green Living Strategies – Adopt These 4 Green Living Strategies

By James Lahey –
Green living is the practice of living a healthier and greener life. Here are four green living strategies that are easily implemented and will help the planet and our future generations.
Reduce Our Consumption: We can start by reducing the amount of Earth’s resources that we currently use. This can be anything [...]

Build Your New Green Home

By Todd Jacoson –
San Diego offers many benefits to the homeowner, whether it is the wonderful, year round temperature, the sunshine and proximity to some of the best beaches in Southern California or a variety of industries that call this area home. It is time to add one more quality to this area and [...]

How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Home

By Katrina Marie Santes –
Over the years, several changes has occurred in our surroundings. The planet that was once abundant in trees and various life forms is now slowly degrading. There are evidences of its degradation. Species start to become instinct. Forests are denuded. People’s life expectancy has shortened. However, among the changes that [...]

The Green Home Wave is Coming!

By Gavin J King -
Many homeowners are aware of the major benefits of green homes but there is another spectrum of benefits most will never be aware of. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the new homes built in the coming years will be green homes so I hope you feel the importance of [...]

7 Wonders of Green Technology

By Jacob Taylor -
Almost all of us have heard of the 7 wonders of the world. These are Giza Pyramid Complex, Chichen Itza, Christ the Redeemer, Colosseum, Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal, Machi Pichu, and Petra. The following are the 7 amazing wonders of green technology:
Lilypad Project is a fantastical concept of green [...]

Practical Steps For a Greener Home

By Dave Sabris
Most of us are concerned about how the way we live impacts on the environment. We all want to find ways to maintain our current standard of living but be a little bit greener.
By making even small, simple changes to our shopping habits and in our homes, we can all do our little [...]

What to Look For in a Green Home

By Ravisankar Poduval
When you think about a green home, what springs to your mind? A green painted house? Not exactly, as the term going green has become more and more important and followed in today’s world where natural resources are depleting and humans are making an all out effort to save whatever little is left.
If [...]

Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint With Low Energy Bulbs

By Tony Savour
So you are looking for a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and also a cheaper and more energy efficient way to light your house… well what you need to look at doing is replacing your existing light bulbs and replacing them with energy efficient ones. The reason for this is that [...]