A New Year’s Tree

A four-foot volunteer tree grows on the roof of The Nature Conservancy’s headquarters — is it a metaphor for the future direction of conservation?

Expedition to the Raja Ampat Islands: Happy New Year from the Survey Team!

Conservancy marine scientist Alison Green wraps up her three-week diving expedition to the most spectacular coral reef ecosystem on Earth.

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, December 31

Only one day left in 2009 to catch the hottest green news links. See you in 2010!

  1. Treehugger offers up nine hopeful predictions for 2010. (Treehugger)
  2. Volunteers from 35 countries are on the lookout for the slender-billed curlew, last seen in 2001. (Extinction Countdown)
  3. Those pretty little (or not-so-little) home aquariums of tropical fish could be fueling the collapse of a Florida fishery. (Conservation Journal Watch)
  4. London has launched a new plan to ensure there will be charging stations within one mile of all residents by 2015. (EcoGeek)
  5. Scientists say that increased carbon dioxide emissions are causing the oceans to be louder. (New York Times)

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, December 30

The hottest green news breaking RIGHT NOW online:

  1. How the drive to replace oil with biofuels from algae lost a decade (Wired Science)
  2. Why your bag of potato chips will soon list how much greenhouse gas took to produce it. (Triple Pundit)
  3. Rhett Butler reviews the year in rainforest conservation. (Mongabay)
  4. How the phrase “Save the Earth” got trademarked — and why Honda Motor Company is being sued for using it. (Joel Makower)
  5. The EPA releases a Google Map of its eco-enforcement efforts in 2009. (Grist)

Expedition to the Raja Ampat Islands: Ecoresort Protects Coral Reefs

Conservancy marine biologist Alison Green continues her diving expedition around the Raja Ampat Islands…and finds that ecotourism can indeed conserve coral reefs.

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, December 29

5 fascinating and fresh green stories…from the Internet, no less!

Will rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere lead to louder oceans? (EcoGeek)
Climate change is causing plants and animals to shift their habitat ranges — but will it be fast enough? (EcoWorldly)
Carbon prices are falling on European markets — should governments set a price floor for the [...]

Disney Wilderness Preserve: The Natural Theme Park?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit and bird at a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time: the Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve near Orlando, Florida.  I highly recommend this as an alternative “natural theme park” to the more famous tourist attractions in the area.  When I went, I was [...]

Manpower Saves 400K Pounds of CO2 Via Virtual Meeting

Manpower Saves 400K Pounds of CO2 Via Virtual MeetingAdopting measures to reduce its global carbon footprint, Manpower Inc. has avoided 400,000 pounds of CO2 emissions by holding its annual Global Leadership Team meeting virtually, which reduced air travel by one million miles, according to the company’s 2009 corporate responsibility report.
The global employment services firm says it has made several strides in creating a [...]

Expedition to the Raja Ampat Islands: Marine Conservation Agreements

(Editor’s note: Conservancy Senior Marine Scientist Alison Green is on an expedition to the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia — amidst some of the most spectacular and biodiverse coral reef ecosystems in the world. Catch up on all her posts from the expedition.)
There are many ways to do conservation. One approach is to develop Marine Conservation [...]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, December 28

Yes, we’re in that post-holiday daze that comes from too much egg nog, but we’re still here to give you a quick scoop on the top 5 green news stories of the day:

Environmental journalism is losing one of its best reporters — Andy Revkin has left the New York Times to work at Pace University. But his great [...]

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